You're being a LIAR (bananamilkpies) wrote in thisisrandom,
You're being a LIAR

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Until my car hit 7 people...

Whoo. Hey, if you live in communist China, do you hafta deal with those communist Russians? Damn Russians.

NOT EVEN!! *hand in face*

Hey, Oh! WHOA. Sometimes I know cheese doodles on a first name basis. I'm just like "What up, cheese? I'm gonna eat you."

GAHH...back to the shire!! Before 9.

Gimungous, nipples...

Fin de semana, yo siempre comprelo mis tacos con sillas.
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Haha, I'm the first to admit that most of that was stupid. Lol, I don't know what I was thinking. Oh well. The cheese thing is weird, I said that to my friend outta nowhere one day, and he didn't stop laughing for about an hour. And that teletubbie is just adorable.